We are starting a zoom group called "Kingdom Finances" for anyone who is interested in using this unique season of life to focus on what God has to say about money.  


Did you know there are over 2,000 verses in the Bible that discuss money, wealth, or possessions?  Jesus thought it was so important that 11 out of the 39 parables are about money.  There is a lot we can learn from the Bible as well as from each other in an interactive format, and that is why we are starting this online group.  


We'd love to have you and any family members / friends / kids join us!



WHO: Those interested in learning God's insight on mastering money (instead of having it master you).  Ages 0-100 are allowed.
WHAT: Kingdom Finances 
WHEN: Thursday nights starting April 9, 2020 at 7:00pm until mid-summer  
WHERE: Anywhere zoom connects!
WHY: 1) to strengthen our relationship with God by learning more about how we can use our money for His Kingdom  
           2) to strengthen families by providing an environment where couples can work together and parents can teach their children

A zoom link will be sent once you sign up.

~Amanda and Travis Paull, Group Leaders 

Kingdom Finances FAQ:

Is there a cost? No.  Smiles are accepted in all formats.

Do you have to come every week to participate? No. There is a way for you to get access to previous teachings. 

Will it be fun?  Although we are dealing with a serious topic, there will be a game in each session to have fun reinforcing what we learn. 

Does this study involve a lot of numbers and math? (About 98.562% of the material is principle based. Just kidding) This teaching is about God’s financial principles, no math degree required.

Study materials?  Bible, handouts will be provided for each session.

Format? We will be watching videos by Craig Hill and discussing them, learning from each other and encouraging each other.  More info on Craig Hill is available at https://craighill.org/ and you may also sign up for his free daily devotional

About Craig. Craig was a pastor in Colorado until he launched Family Foundations ministry to offer weekend seminars to support churches in helping their members grow their relationship with God. Currently, 2,500 seminars happen yearly all over the world. 

Can I invite friends? Yes, feel free to share with friends and family

Summary of Topics discussed:

Session 1 - Twelve myths people believe

Session 2 - Ten financial Principles

Session 3 - Build a strong financial house

Session 4 - Seek Vision, Not provision

Session 5 - Ten Symptoms of the Spirit of Mammon

Session 6 - Channels Vs The source

Session 7 - Understanding Wealth vs Money

Session 8 - Learn to manage money

Session 9 - Close the open circle 

Session 10 - Sowing and reaping

Sign Up for Kingdom Finance

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